macbook battery repair

All you need to know about replacing the battery of your macbook pro

Is your MacBook Pro not holding charge as it used to earlier?


Perhaps, You need to replace the battery. However, before you search for MacBook Pro battery replacement service in Singapore, it is time to know for sure.


Fortunately, there is a way to know whether your MacBook Pro battery needs replacement or whether it can hold out longer.


We will share with you this process below.


How to find out when your MacBook Pro needs a battery replacement?

The best thing about MacBook Pro is that it lets you know your battery’s health right away. The procedure to check the battery status is simple.


All you need to do is to click on the battery icon in the menu bar. After that, you will know about the current condition of your battery. There are 4 condition status messages which can pop up. These are:


  • Normal:

If the message states normal, you need not replace your battery. In that case, the problem is something else.


  • Replace soon:

If you see this status, up until now, the battery is functioning correctly. However, the charge which it can hold is deteriorating. With increasing time, this charge holding capacity will reduce down even more. Due to the same, it is asking you to replace soon.


  • Replace now:

The status Replace now implies the charge holding capacity of the battery has diminished significantly. While it can still power your MacBook Pro but not like it used to earlier. The battery will last much less if you get this status. In that case, it is a good idea to heed the advice and replace the battery soon.


  • Service battery:

What does this exactly mean?


It merely indicates that while the battery might function normally, but it needs is some servicing. It is not easy for a regular MacBook Pro user to detect the small battery performance deviations. However, if you see this status, it indicates that the MacBook Pro and the battery might need some servicing. Rather than skipping on it, you should try to get it serviced as soon as possible.


Now that you know your battery’s status, it is time to understand from where you should get your MacBook Pro battery replaced.


Where to get the battery replaced?

Do not know any Apple Store nearby?


Worry not!


All you need to do is to search for MacBook Pro battery replacement Singapore on Google. Once you do so, you will be able to see the stores nearby easily. Rather than going into any store to get the MacBook Pro battery replacement, you have to let Google takeover.


Once you search this on Google, you will get all the details of the store near you. Not only that, you will get the reviews as well. In a nutshell, finding a store for replacing your MacBook Pro battery becomes easier than ever.


So, rather than leaving everything to chance, it is a good idea to diagnose your MacBook Pro battery’s current status. Our guide above can certainly help you with the same. If you need a replacement, you can certainly follow the few tips above to find a reliable source. It is time to get your MacBook Pro back in perfect condition using our guide above.


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