Best bakeries in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many bakeries that you come across almost everywhere. The best bakeries in Singapore serve everything ranging from cupcakes to banana cakes and even brownies. These bakeries also offer iced coffee and other beverages like tea for those who want to relax with some desserts.

At these best bakeries in singapore, it is possible to find delectable sweet treats like tarts, pies, Danish pastries, croissants, and chocolate eclairs made fresh daily by talented bakers. You can purchase a wide range of doughnuts, such as jam-filled doughnuts and chocolate-coated ones too. Here are some of the best bakeries in singapore.

  1. Old Chang Kee

This is the first name to think about when it comes to bakeries in Singapore. Old Chang Kee has been around for more than 60 years, and there is a reason why they are still up and running: their food tastes great and is affordable at the same time. The best part? They have outlets everywhere, which makes them easy to reach. The downside? Well, we can’t complain much since we love their food anyway.

  1. Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook might be the most exclusive of all bakeries reviewed on this list, but if you want to enjoy some good coffee while having a taste of some sweet treats, then this bakery is one you consider visiting.

  1. Hill Street Bakehouse & Sandwich Bar

Hill Street Bakehouse & Sandwich Bar is another gem found in Singapore’s bakery industry. It has so many outlets inside shopping malls that it almost makes it difficult to find one outside a mall.

  1. BreadTalk

BreadTalk is one of the largest bakery chains in Singapore, and it’s not difficult to find one close by. Even though you can find them everywhere, they usually sell their products at a very expensive price, which might be the main reason why people prefer other bakeries instead.

  1. Eng’s The Bakery (Hong Lim)

This unique-looking bakery has become famous ever since its owner became well-known because he had challenged himself with the most unusual challenge: baking bread with his feet. That’s right; no arms or hands – just legs and toes.

  1. Boulangerie22

Boulangerie22 is a relatively new bakery in Singapore, so you might want to go here if you are looking for something fresh. They have different kinds of pastries, which are all being made from scratch by hand. Although they are slightly more expensive than other bakeries (yet still reasonable), their cakes always look like they came straight out of one of those fancy magazines showing how good food should look like to make us hungry.

It is hard not to enjoy yourself when surrounded by all the delicious-looking baked goods on display at these bakeries, so why not plan a visit soon? You never know what treats they may have available since they tend to change their products from time to time.