Build a great Interior design for 4 room bto flat

For most families in Singapore the home which they purchase is the largest investment they are making in their life. They would like to make it their dream home, the ideal place to relax and spend time. A well designed home is aesthetically pleasing and also has all the amenities which the family members require. Families with children will often opt to purchase a build to order (BTO) flat with four rooms since it will have enough space for all the family members. One of the most reputed firms in Singapore for 4 room bto interior design is Darwin Interior, which has more than 25 years experience in designing the interiors of residential and commercial properties.

Any family which wishes to get its flat interiors designed by the firm can contact them. An interior designer will be assigned to the home whose interiors are being designed. The home owner will have to decide the type of design he wants for his home, based on his personal preferences and family requirements. Some home owners prefer a minimalist style for their home with less clutter. Others want a utilitarian home, where all the amenities and facilities are easily accessible. A few home owners want their home to look different and adopt a rustic theme while many others prefer to have contemporary interiors for their home.

The home owner can also browse through the large design portfolio of the thousands of home which are already designed and choose the most suitable design features for his own home. After the home owner has finalized his requirement, the designer will finalize the layout of the home, based on the space available. For this the designer will require inputs from the homeowner, how they plan to spend time in the home, what kind of amenities and storage space they will require. After the layout is finalized, the designer will then decide on the furniture, decor, painting, plumbing and other work.

While the home owner may have some of the furniture already purchased, usually the designer will choose the furniture and decide on the carpentry work to match the theme and decor of the home. The kitchen is usually the most expensive room for interior design, since the facilities required for cooking and cleaning utensils like a kitchen counter-top will be more. Lighter shades are recommended for room walls and decor to make the home look larger, since most of the Singapore flats are smaller in size. The interior decorator will try to retain the fittings and fixtures provided by the builder to the extent possible to save time and money.