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Filing a claim after an accident in Singapore

It is mandatory for car owners in Singapore to purchase insurance for their car. One of the main advantages of purchasing insurance is that the insurance company will compensate the car owner for damage to the car, injuries, and other losses depending on the insurance which has been purchased. However many car owners who are involved in car accidents do not file a claim with the insurance company, because they do not know the procedure or think that it is very time consuming. Hence some information on how car owners who have purchased car insurance in Singapore should file an insurance claim to get compensation is provided below.


Accident details

There can be different kinds of car accidents in some cases, only the car is damaged, while in other cases, the driver, passengers may get injured. The vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians involved may also vary. After the accident has occurred it is important to determine who is responsible for the accident. In some cases, the other driver is clearly responsible for the accident, while in other cases, it may not be very clear. Since the person who is responsible for the accident is liable to pay compensation through his insurance company, it is important to ensure that all evidence, information is collected.


Collecting information

The driver involved in the accident should collect information on all those involved in the accident. This information includes identity proof, name, vehicle registration details, insurance company information. For vehicles owned by companies, the name of the company should also be collected. It is also necessary to take photos of the accident site, especially the car and other vehicles involved. If possible the car owner should also preserve the footage of the vehicle dash-cam which will record the accident when it occurred. The location, traffic conditions, time, and date should also be recorded.


Cause of accident.

All the information is required since this will help the insurance company determine which driver was responsible for the accident. Most people are carrying their smartphones with them, so it is easier for them to take photos. They should also take photos of the surrounding area after the accident so that it is easier for the insurance company, to reconstruct the accident and find out who was at fault. The insurance company will verify the claim filed, and if the other driver is at fault, they will file a claim with his insurance company.


Time period & repairs

Car drivers should be aware that the claim should be filed within 24 hours of the accident or the next working day. If they delay in filing the insurance claim, their claim may get rejected or their no claims discount (NCD) history may be affected. After the insurance company has checked the car involved in the accident, the car owner can get the car repaired. However, he should be aware that some insurance companies will specify that the car owner should get the car repaired only at the authorized workshop of the insurance company since the insurance company has negotiated rates with these workshops.


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